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2014 Dedicated Service Award Recipients

The annual Dedicated Service Award (DSA) is given to recognize an employee who has demonstrated dedicated service, an untiring commitment in living the Bon Secours Health System Values and Mission, and has consistently been “good help to those in need”.

The annual DSA recipient is one who embodies the spirit of the Bon Secours Health System Mission to “…bring compassion to health care and to be good help to those in need, especially those who are poor and dying.  As a System of caregivers, we commit ourselves to help bring people and communities to health and wholeness as a part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.”

 2014 Dedicated Service Award Recipients:

Patricia “Pat” Ciccarone – Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

Nancy Bregaudit – Good Samaritan Home Care

Brenda Wolpert – Bon Secours Community Hospital

Deborah “Debbie” Schradin – St. Anthony Community Hospital

Harold Malloy – Warwick Long Term Care

All DSA recipients and nominees were honored at luncheons throughout Bon Secours Charity Health System campuses during the month of September. The DSA recipients each received a $1,000.00 check and are invited with a guest to attend the 2014 BSHSI Dedicated Service Award Ceremony and Dinner held at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel in Baltimore on Monday, November 10, 2014.

Congratulations to all recipients and nominees.

Meet the 2014 DSA Recipients

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center – Patricia  “Pat” Ciccarone

Pat Ciccarone is a unit Assistant in the Emergency Department (ED) of Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center; she has 21 years of service with Good Samaritan, and 17 years in the ED.  Pat is often the first person who visitors, patients, and providers meet upon entering the ED.  Her gentle kindness often puts visitors at ease as soon as they enter through the doors, helping in any way that she can. Pat’s colleagues shared that she is the “heart and soul of the ED.”

Pat is an annual participant on Good Samaritan’s team at the American Heart Association walk.  Pat is a cancer survivor who serves as a special resource for staff members who have been diagnosed with cancer.


Good Samaritan Home Care – Nancy Bregaudit

Nancy Bregaudit is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Home Care for 22 years.  Nancy has a calling for helping those less fortunate, often focusing her help in the Spring Valley area known as the “Hill”. This area is comprised of many individuals who are poor, uninsured, and often times have many social problems that impact their overall health and return to wellness.  While embracing this population, Nancy works tirelessly to provide excellent nursing care to restore them to wellness.  Nancy works seamlessly with Bon Secours Charity Health System social workers and other community agencies to ensure all of her patient’s needs are met.

Nancy is an active member of her church community working on various committees, and volunteers in her children’s school.


Bon Secours Community – Brenda Wolpert

Brenda Wolpert is a Registered Nurse working in the Mental Health Unit at Bon Secours Community Hospital with 22 years of service.  Brenda excels at providing bedside care and inspiring excellence.  She is a blessing for the patients – bringing her expertise and spirituality to the patient population.  One of the psychiatrists on Brenda’s unit shared, “I have worked in the psychiatric field all of my adult life and it is always refreshing to see a nurse like Brenda who has the human touch and deeply cares for each patient each day in the unit.”

In April 2014, Brenda ventured to Honduras to offer her nursing care, and will make a return visit in November.  Brenda also volunteers with the Junior Catholic Daughters where she assists the girls in making items and preparing care packages that she brings on her journeys to Honduras.


St Anthony Community Hospital – Deborah “Debbie” Schradin

Deborah is the Office Coordinator for the Radiology Department with 27 years of service. Debbie is kind and caring employee who is constantly there for the patients and co-workers; offering assistance whenever and wherever she can.  Whether she is helping a confused patient by explaining something, lending an ear to someone with a problem, or consoling someone in a time of need, Debbie is the definition of a dedicated employee.  Debbie treats everyone she meets with respect and compassion- she is a devoted friend who would give anything to help another in need.

Debbie volunteers with activities at Sacred Heart Church.  She was the Assistant to the Girl Scout Leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, sponsors a family during the Holiday Season.


Warwick Long Term Care – Harold Malloy

Harold Malloy is a certified nurse aide for Schervier Pavilion with 3 years of service.  Harold has been instrumental in making each resident he comes into contact with feel like they are the center of his universe, every person he meets walks away with a smile because of his presence.  Harry’s loving, compassionate and kind approach has helped the nursing staff to de-escalate many agitated, restless residents.  Harry was also a Super User for the health system’s new electronic records.

Harry has organized a gardening group with the elder residents in his neighborhood.  He visits with them, encouraging them to do what they can in their gardens and assists them in the tasks that they are no longer able to complete because of physical limitations.

Amy Fotino, RN

For most nursing students, passing the Boards is an accomplishment in itself but for Amy Fotino, the accomplishment came after receiving a passing grade. In 2006, immediately after passing her Boards, Amy landed a job at St. Anthony Community Hospital and could officially refer to herself as a Registered Nurse.

St. Anthony Community Hospital holds a special place in Amy’s heart, especially because it will always be the place where all four of her children took their first breath. In 2002, after birth of her third son, Amy was so amazed by the care of her nurses at St. Anthony’s that she registered for nursing school, hoping to impact others the way she had been impacted. With plans of being an OB nurse, more specifically—an OB nurse at St. Anthony Community Hospital, Amy started classes when her son was nine weeks old. Amy passed her Boards in the summer of 2006 and on a December 2006 day, Diane informed her that she would begin training in OB in January 2007. In Amy’s words, the news brought an incredible amount of excitement; she said, “I was over the moon! I felt like I had won the lottery! I LOVE my job!”

After the birth of her daughter, Amy recognized she had another passion—breastfeeding. She had been very outspoken and one of the unit’s “go-to girls” whenever a patient needed extra help with breastfeeding. Although she was always willing to help new mothers, she didn’t realize that she had to go further with it unit the birth of her fourth and final baby. In 2012, Amy Fotino started an online support group that has grown to almost 250 mothers who support each other on a daily basis. In October of 2012, after realizing there was no place for a nursing mother to comfortably feed her child at Warwick’s annual Applefest, Amy started the “Breast And Rest at Applefest” tent. Over the past two years, the tent has been a huge success, continuously providing comfort to nursing mothers at the fall festival. Over the past two years, Amy has also been involved in staff education, teaching her coworkers about up-to-date standards. Recently, Amy participated in the two-day education fair at St. Anthony Community Hospital to spread the word to all of the hospital’s professionals.

While providing support for nursing mothers and educating her coworkers, Amy looked for ways to continuously add to her credentials. After researching, Amy learned that the Gold Standard Certification for Lactation Consultants, IBCLC, was her next step. Current RNs have to prove they have obtained 1000 hours of direct patient care involving breastfeeding over the past five years, followed by 90 hours of accredited CEs in actual breastfeeding education within the past year and finally, sitting for the Board Exam. Sitting down with Diane, Amy learned that she was well over 1500 hours of direct patient care and had completed her necessary 90 hours. The Board Exam for the Gold Standard Certification for Lactation Consultants is offered one day a year, internationally. Amy Fotino took the exam in July and this past Monday, she received her official letter of Certification from IBCLC.

If you are a nursing mother, or know someone who could benefit from Amy’s knowledge and/or her breastfeeding support group, feel free to contact her through email at or call Diane or St. Anthony Community Hospital’s birthing floor.


American Legion Representatives Present Certificates of Appreciation to Resident Veterans

Opportunities to participate in traditional events are always available to the residents at Schervier Pavilion, a skilled nursing facility on the Warwick Campus of the Bon Secours Charity Health System.

On Tuesday, November 11, representatives from Warwick’s American Legion Nicholas P. Lesando Jr. Post 214 joined Schervier Pavilion residents, families and staff. They were there to help celebrate Veterans Day, a special event for the 19 residents who proudly served in all branches of military service, many as far back as World War II.

The program began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Recreational Director Kari Call. The Legionnaires then handed out Certificates of Appreciation, one by one, to all those residents present who were veterans.

After everyone sang the National Anthem, the recreation staff served cake and refreshments. Members of the American Legion stayed for the celebration and had an opportunity to swap military stories with the resident veterans.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Veterans’ Day celebration,” said Call. “We are especially grateful to the members of the American Legion who took time from their day to share this celebration with us and to honor the veterans at our facility. We thank all of you for your service.”

As Director of Recreation, her job is to provide recreation resources and opportunities for both the long and short-term residents of the skilled nursing home in order to maintain and improve their health and well being.

All programs at Schervier Pavilion are designed to meet the psycho-social and physical needs of the residents with activities that are not only enjoyable but are also intended to achieve this goal.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program at Bon Secours Community Hospital Hosts Diabetes Awareness Day

Program featured informative presentations by guest specialists

Diabetis Awareness Day 1

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 20 million Americans have diabetes, six million of whom are unaware they have the disease.

On Saturday, November 1, the Bon Secours Community Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Education Program hosted a Diabetes Awareness Day at the Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School in Port Jervis.

The Bon Secours Charity Health System Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and meets National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.  The program offers comprehensive services to help control the disease and to prevent or manage the complications. The Center is an excellent resource for people with diabetes at any stage.

The informative Diabetes Awareness Day event in Port Jervis was aimed at raising awareness about this disease and providing the community with access to educational materials and resources. The event included information provided by the Diabetes Education Program as well as other exhibitors.

A highlight of the Diabetes Awareness Day was a series of presentations on treating and living with Diabetes by guest speakers, all experts in their fields, who are affiliated with Bon Secours Community Hospital.

The first presentation by Dr. Martin Evers, who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, was titled, “What is Diabetes and why is it an epidemic.”

Byoung Yang, MD, who specializes in Internal Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care, discussed the importance of skin and foot care for those with Diabetes. Dr. Yang currently serves as the Bon Secours Charity Health System Medical Director of Wound and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

During lunchtime, Allison Wharton, a veteran chef with Morrison Food Service Management, gave a culinary demonstration on healthy eating and cooking methods for preparing vegetables, deserts, soups and other dishes that are beneficial as well as tasty.

The final speaker of the day was Pharmacist Marta Kandiuk-Kuzmowycz, MS, RPH, a member of the staff of Bon Secours Community Hospital, whose informative topic was, “Diabetes Medication.”

Bon Secours Community Hospital Certified Diabetes Educators Tammy Compasso, RN, CDE and Joan Schwegler, RD, CDE, along with other staff members, volunteers and exhibitors were available throughout the day to answer questions and hand out valuable information.

“The purpose of our Diabetes Awareness Day, “said Compasso, “was to provide the community with important information about diabetes from the experts. The staff of the Diabetes Self-Management Program of Bon Secours Community Hospital would like to thank our exhibitors, volunteers and everyone who attended.”

For more information about the Diabetes Self-Management Program of Bon Secours Community Hospital call (845) 858-7795.

Bon Secours Community Hospital, a member of the Bon Secours Charity Health System, is located at 160 East Main Street in Port Jervis, NY. For additional information visit:

St. Anthony Community Hospital Forms Breastfeeding Support Group

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly recommend breastfeeding. An initiative within one of the five Health Priorities for New York State, breastfeeding is also directly linked to a lower chance of obesity later in life.

St. Anthony Community Hospital has formed a new Breastfeeding Support Group open to all breastfeeding moms and their babies. Preschool age siblings are also welcome.

The group will meet each Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 Noon at the Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene, 601 Route 94 North between the villages of Warwick and Florida, NY. The initial meeting on Wednesday, November 19 proved to be a great success.

The Breastfeeding Support Group was created by Amy Fotino, RN, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). The prestigious certification for registered nurses requires 1000 hours of direct patient care involving breastfeeding within the past five years and 90 hours of accredited breastfeeding education within the past 12 months.

Fotino, an OB nurse at the hospital’s Kennedy Birthing Center, has a passion for helping mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.  In 2012, she started an online breastfeeding support group, but she also recognized the need for moms to gather together and support each other in person so she created this new group.

Fotino is also the driving force behind the “Breast and Rest at Applefest,” tent, which she began in 2012.  Prior to that, there was no place for a nursing mom to comfortably feed her baby at the region’s largest festival.  Now, “Breast and Rest” is a feature at the annual event.

Wallicia McNeil – Director of Employee and Labor Relations, Human Resources

The below message is from Mary Leahy, MD, CEO:

I am pleased to announce the placement of Wallicia McNeil as our new Director of Employee and Labor Relations in the Human Resources department. Very recently, Wallicia began working at Bon Secours Charity and has had the opportunity to meet many of you already.

Wallicia has an extensive background in human resources that is focused on employee/labor relations and in reaching outcomes that are fair and just. She most recently served as Manager of Employee and Labor Relations at St. Vincent’s Medical Center (a part of Ascension Health) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. That is where Wallicia and I first met and worked together closely.
Wallicia holds multiple masters level degrees in the field of human resources.

She will provide our local ministry with excellent guidance and a smooth timely process.
Roger Franco will remain in the role that he was originally hired in to as Director of Human Resources. He will work closely to transition employee and labor work over to Wallicia in order to focus on his duties as the departments Director.

Roger will be sending out a revised departmental phone and contact list for your convenience.
Please join me in welcoming Wallicia to the Bon Secours Charity family and offer warm congratulations!

Thank you!

Chris Banks – VP Philanthropy

The below message is from Mary Leahy, MD, CEO:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Christopher Banks as Vice President – Philanthropy. He has already begun to meet many of our employees and foundation board members today and over the past weekend.

Chris has an extensive and diverse background in fundraising, marketing, government relations and strategic planning. He most recently served as Vice President Development and External Relations for Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue, New York and as Managing Director of Changing our World with a client list that included the Merchant Marine Academy, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, Pontifical North American College and Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Chris holds an MBA in Finance from Manhattan College, a Master of Science in Human Resources Administration and Bachelors in Philosophy and Human Resources from the University of Scranton.

Chris will provide executive leadership and guidance to our three Foundations, working closely with our boards and the communities we serve.

As we welcome Chris, I would like to express my gratitude to Stacey Kirschenbaum, for her exceptional work as the Executive Director. Stacey has graciously continued to work with us as we have gone through the recruitment process and has agreed to work closely with Chris during a period of transition.

Please join me in wishing Stacey well and in welcoming Chris to the Bon Secours family

About user IDs & passwords

Unique user IDs and passwords are assigned to help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing Bon Secours’ secure systems, including those with patient protected health information (PHI). Do not share your user ID/password. To keep PHI secure, keep your password secret, change it often (or when prompted), and report if anyone is sharing or working under another’s user ID/password.

Did you know?

• Your assigned user ID/password is your legal signature in the Bon Secours network?

• Logging on to our system under another user’s ID/password is falsifying records?

• No one can require you to share your user ID/password or use another’s, including supervisors and physicians?

• Your user ID/password is only for you; you are responsible for any action taken with your user ID/password?

• Giving someone your user ID/password, makes information available to someone unauthorized to receive or review?

• You enter the same user ID/password into Lawson/ezAccess—which contains your paystub and banking information—as you do into ConnectCare™ and other programs?


• Memorize your password or store it in a secure place

• Take care when entering your password in front of others

• Immediately change your password if you suspect it may have been compromised

• Report any potential security breach to the Privacy Officer or Information Security Officer

• Logout whenever you are away from your desk or finished for the day

DON’T EVER: Share your password with anyone, log-in to allow others to access information or use  another’s user ID/password. Doing so violates the Access and Password Management Policy and will result in disciplinary action.