All Employees Now Have a BSHSI Email Address

Along with the recent opening of the new Human Resources Operations Center (HROC) and launch of the online AskHR, all Bon Secours employees now have a BSHSI email address.

This allows Bon Secours to ensure that employees receive confidential responses from HROC and AskHR when personal benefit details are provided.

A Quick Reference Guide has been developed with step-by-step directions to assist employees without computers at work or those without previous access to email.  The guide is being distributed to BSHSI managers.  It’s also available on IRIS, the Bon Secours intranet, when you look for the Introducing AskHR section on the BSHSI home page.

Here are some highlights of what you need to know if you have just been assigned an email address, but don’t have access to a computer at work:

  • If you have used ezAccess before please use the same log in credentials.
  • If not, or you have forgotten them, please call the eISSC Support Center at 866-809-9259 for log in and password help.
  • Bon Secours email is The first name is based on your legal name in Bon Secours’ human resources system.
  • Access to your email is through Outlook:  (This is true inside or outside Bon Secours.)
  • If you don’t have a computer at work, you can access your email from home or on shared computers at work.
  • You can’t access email from the kiosks, only from a computer.

If you have additional questions about how email will be used, please contact HROC at