Brenda Ng Assists Patient on New York Bound Flight

Each year, the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists holds their annual ACDIS Conference. This year, the 8th Annual ACDIS Conference was held in San Antonio, Texas from May 19 to May 21 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The 8th Annual ACDIS Conference featured four tracks: Management and Leadership, Clinical and Coding, Quality and Regulatory Initiatives, and Innovative CDI. These four tracks included a diverse range of sessions on the latest trends and cutting-edge techniques to enhance Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs.

Brenda Ng, MS, RN, CCS, CCDS, from St. Anthony Community Hospital traveled to San Antonio during the third week of May to present a poster that described the role of the Clinical Document Improvement Specialist at the 8th Annual ACDIS Conference. This was Brenda Ng’s second year presenting a poster at the ACDIS Conference; last year she presented a poster in Las Vegas that addressed the Transformation from ICD 9 to ICD 10.

Brenda raved about the conference, saying, “You learn so much during those few days, especially because it is the same people under the same umbrella; you feed off the energy.” But after 2014’s 7th Annual ACDIS Conference, it was Brenda who provided that contagious energy during her plane ride from Las Vegas to New York. On the flight, she assisted in the care of a passenger on the flight with the help of a renal physician from Montefiore Hospital. As a nurse and volunteer EMT in Greenwood Lake, Brenda knew she needed to spring into action as soon as the flight attendant asked if any medical professionals were onboard the flight.

Brenda inserted an IV into the French-speaking patient, checked her glucose level after asking if anyone on the flight had a glucometer and provided the patient with IV fluids until the plane made an emergency landing in Colorado and was met by advanced care professionals. Brenda referenced how tough it was to hear the patient’s breathing while the aircraft was in-flight and mentioned how wonderful it was to overhear another passenger state ‘I would love to have her as a nurse.’

While asked about the 2014 plane ride, Brenda said, “I was not supposed to be on that flight, I changed my flight to an earlier time in order to get home earlier. What an overwhelming feeling and accomplishment. Reflecting back on how quickly my emergency room skills came into action was awesome. I guess you never forget what to do when you have no time to think. I still have the courage to work with whatever supplies I have and I thank God that the client made it off the flight safely to the hospital.”