Health Benefits That Help You Relax

This Saturday is National Relaxation Day. Who doesn’t love a good day where there’s nothing that needs to be done? Well, did you know there are multiple health benefits of relaxation? Check some of them out below!

  • Relaxing lowers your risk of catching a cold. It has been shown that chronic stress lasting more than a month but less than six months doubled a person’s risk of catching a cold. It appears that stress hampers the body’s ability to fight inflammation by making immune cells less sensitive to the hormone that “turns off” inflammation.
  • Relaxing lowers your stroke risk. A 2007 University of Cambridge study found that people who coped best with stressful life events had a 24 percent lower risk of stroke. A 2011 study examined the specific effects of work-related stress and found that among middle- and upper-class men, psychological stress caused about 10 percent of strokes.
  • Relaxation can keep you safe from depression. In humans, the prolonged presence of stress hormone cortisol can reduce levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to depression. Stress is also likely to exacerbate mood problems in people with a history of depression or bipolar disorder and could trigger relapse.
  • Relaxation helps you make better decisions. A 2012 study found that stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions.
  • Relaxation is also known to decrease heart rate, decrease respiration rate, decrease blood pressure, muscle tension, metabolic rate and oxygen consumption.
  • As a result of relaxation, many people experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, increased concentration, better problem-solving abilities, greater efficiency, smoother emotions, fewer headaches and less pain