Independence Day – Celebrate Safely!

Follow these 4th of July safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe this holiday.


Though it’s tempting to set off fireworks and play with sparklers in your own backyard, don’t do it. Severe burns, blindness and even death can be caused by the misuse of fireworks at 4th of July celebrations.

Remember, the state of New York bans all consumer fireworks!


Everybody loves a good barbecue on 4th of July, but grilling can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

  • Never grill indoors, in the garage, or under awnings, carports or any other surface that might catch fire.
  • Always keep your grill away from siding, railings, trees and anything else flammable. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using the grill at least 10 feet away from your home or any building.
  • Skip the lighter fluid and instead use an electric or chimney lighter to light newspaper to start the charcoal.
  • Check the tubes that lead into the burner for any blockage from grease or insects, and use a pipe cleaner to clear it.
  • Check gas grill hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks. Make sure there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.
  • Follow the manufacturers’ instructions to check for gas leaks. If you detect a leak or smell gas, don’t attempt to light the grill until the leak is fixed by a qualified professional.
  • Keep children well away from the grill area. Toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids who are busy playing can run into the grill without warning.


The 4th of July holiday is full of barbecues, picnics, family fun and fireworks. Unfortunately, the number of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths rises significantly on Independence Day too. According to theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety, from 2006 through 2010, 4th of July was the deadliest day on roads across the U.S. with more than 700 people killed across the nation on those five holidays. Stay safe on 4th of July with these driving safety tips.

  • Drink responsibly – If you are going to even have one drink on 4th of July, be sure to have a designated driver. Even if you think you are sober, your judgment and senses can be impaired after just one cocktail. If you can’t find a designated driver, call a taxi. When you are driving, stay alert and keep an eye out for impaired drivers. Don’t follow too closely and stay focused on the road and other vehicles, rather than chatting with friends and family in your car.
  • Put down your cell phone – If you aren’t sure of the directions or don’t know where you are going on 4th of July, check your GPS before you leave the house. If you get lost, have a passenger in the vehicle make a call for directions or pull over to place the call, if you are alone. Distracted drivers fiddling with phone calls, text messages and navigation systems often are the cause of accidents.
  • Stay home – No one says you have to go out on 4th of July. You can stay home and play host to a neighborhood block party where all your guests are within walking distance. Make it a potluck. Grill up your favorite meats and ask your neighbors to pitch in with all the sides, desserts and beverages.