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Fast, easy and efficient: New Human Resources Service Helps You Get Answers

This spring, Bon Secours will roll out the next phase of a new Human Resources (HR) model that transforms how HR services are delivered across our health system. Employees will be able to easily access the HR-related information they need, when they need it through a coordinated service model that will provide greater consistency, efficiency and accessibility.

The Human Resources Operations Center (HROC), staffed by Bon Secours HR professionals, will open this spring, along with the web-based AskHR service, providing customized 24/7 access to HR-related information. AskHR will provide self-service answers to employees’ questions on a wide variety of topics like retirement and health plan benefits, tuition assistance, leave issues, policies and more.

If employees need more help, they can send an inquiry anytime or call HR Service Advisors in HROC during business hours. Local system HR business partners will continue to support leadership development as well as employee relations, engagement and retention. Employees’ personal information will remain secure and confidential.

In the coming weeks, current HR staff will be engaged in training for the new model, which may result in some delays in responding to you in as timely a manner as they would like.  Thank you for your understanding.

Look for more information and training sessions soon.

Retirement Savings Plan (For Bon Secours Employees)

Take the Time to Maximize Your Retirement Savings

It is still a good time to make an election for your savings in the Bon Secours Retirement Savings Plan (403(b)/401(k)) for 2014.  Here are a few things to consider as you make your plan contribution election:

  • In order to maximize the employer matching contributions you receive from Bon Secours*, you will want to spread your contributions over as many pay periods as possible, up to 26 pay periods, to be sure to maximize your matching contribution.
  • You will not receive matching contributions for any pay periods that you are not making a contribution.  Also, if you elect to stop your employee contributions, your matching contributions for those pay periods will be stopped as well.
  • The IRS has set the maximum 403(b)/401(k) elective deferral limits for 2014 for employee contributions at $17,500.  Individuals over age 50 are eligible to defer up to an additional $5,500 for 2014 (up to $23,000).  The annual compensation limit has been increased to $260,000.

If you were contributing in 2013, your 2013 employee contribution will continue into 2014 until you make a change. You can make a new election or change it under the Plan anytime by visiting the VALIC website, www.valic.com.  If you need assistance with your elections, please contact VALIC Client Care Center at (877) 375-2422 or contact your local VALIC representative. If you have questions about your eligibility for the employer matching contributions, please contact BSHSI_RetirementBenefits@bshsi.org.

*Please note: Not all employees are eligible for an employer matching contribution.  If you are not certain if you are eligible for an employer match or what the match is please contact BSHSI_RetirementBenefits@ bshsi.org.