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About user IDs & passwords

Unique user IDs and passwords are assigned to help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing Bon Secours’ secure systems, including those with patient protected health information (PHI). Do not share your user ID/password. To keep PHI secure, keep your password secret, change it often (or when prompted), and report if anyone is sharing or working under another’s user ID/password.

Did you know?

• Your assigned user ID/password is your legal signature in the Bon Secours network?

• Logging on to our system under another user’s ID/password is falsifying records?

• No one can require you to share your user ID/password or use another’s, including supervisors and physicians?

• Your user ID/password is only for you; you are responsible for any action taken with your user ID/password?

• Giving someone your user ID/password, makes information available to someone unauthorized to receive or review?

• You enter the same user ID/password into Lawson/ezAccess—which contains your paystub and banking information—as you do into ConnectCare™ and other programs?


• Memorize your password or store it in a secure place

• Take care when entering your password in front of others

• Immediately change your password if you suspect it may have been compromised

• Report any potential security breach to the Privacy Officer or Information Security Officer

• Logout whenever you are away from your desk or finished for the day

DON’T EVER: Share your password with anyone, log-in to allow others to access information or use  another’s user ID/password. Doing so violates the Access and Password Management Policy and will result in disciplinary action.